presentation Coach
& Communication specialist

To thrive today, businesses and their leaders need to communicate brilliantly, 
sparking connection and engagement in the audiences who matter to them.

It's not always easy. That's where I come in.




Whether it's in a pitch, delivering a keynote or standing up at a company meeting, we all want to be impressive we’re speaking in public. We want to be confident, focused, insightful, and likeable. We want to have what people describe as ‘presence’.

I can work with you to: 

  • Take you from good to great with the skills and presence to communicate like the most watched leaders of our time
  • Zero in on the core truths and insights of your content, and structure it to keep your audience's attention
  • Ensure you can perform under pressure, lowering stress and anxiety with proven techniques
  • Give you the confidence to be the real you, because people buy people.

You'll be surprised the difference a couple of hours can make


I run lively, practical workshops with a coaching mindset, that set participants up for success. Dealing in real time specifics rather than lofty ideals, these workshops never fail to get people engaged, energised and enlightened.



  • Defeat Presenting Anxiety - A layered approach to overcoming nerves that will stand your team in good stead when it comes to presenting, pitching and speaking up in public. Each participant will create their own profile and plan, leaving the workshop with new skills and a renewed sense of confidence.
  • Brand Behaviour Workshop - Making your values more than words, so that you can be confident of delivering your customer promise
  • Presenting with Presence - When you're pitching in front of CEOs and presenting to paying audiences, its time to move from 'competent' to truly great. A workshop for leaders and soon-to-be leaders.

I also write bespoke workshop programmes to be rolled out across an entire business - most often required in a merger situation.


I'm a communication specialist with many years of experience doing everything which that entails. I love to coach, but I also like to roll my sleeves up and actively work on communications and engagement projects myself. 

That means things like:

  • Drafting leadership communications that persuade, direct or inspire
  • Writing persuasive and interesting content about important topics which could otherwise be considered dry, (like healthcare data or digital integration!)
  • Crafting strategy to engage employees in the culture of a business
  • Conducting communications and process audits to identify where a business can work smarter and make recommendations for next steps


If you'd like to know more about how I work, or if you'd like to work with me, drop me a line.